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Collingham Country House is a beautiful, fully equipped self-catering home on a working stock farm in the foothills of the Kamberg, near Nottingham Road. Collingham is characterised by the seclusion and tranquility of a majestic mountain landscape, at the source of the Umgeni River. Fly fishing, hiking, horse riding, bird watching, quad biking and cycling are some of the activities that can be enjoyed. The wild flowers in this berg region are bountiful, as are Eland, Reedbuck, Springbok and Duiker. An amazing variety of birds including the largest colony of the endangered Wattled Crane in the world, have settled here.




  1. Wattled Crane – the farm hosts one of the world’s largest breeding colonies of this endangered species. The vast wetland of the Umgeni Vlei is an ideal environment for these magnificent birds, and you are guaranteed a good sighting.
  2. Eland – look out for large herds trotting through the veld and gracefully jumping over the stock fences.
  3. Jackal, serville and lynx – these nocturnal creatures are common place, even during the day.
  4. Bushman paintings – 200m from Collingham House is a cave with genuine bushmen paintings. The cave is an archealogical dig site, and some of the paintings have been removed by the National Museum for preservation. 
  5. Breathtaking views on horse back! An absolute must for experienced and novice riders alike!


NB. Some parts of the farm are only accessible with 4x4 vehicles.

The entrance road to the house can be traversed in a normal sedan, provided it isn't snowing!! Most other roads will present difficult terrain and 4X4 vehicles are advised.

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A high rainfall area, with the top of the farm being 2,400 m above sea level. Winters are cold and snow commonplace (in 2004 there has been heavy snow 3 times!), but Collingham is well prepared for the cold with a large fireplace, heaters and carpets! Spring and Autumn are fresh in the mornings and evenings, with warm sunny days. Summers are perfect due to the high elevation - the occassional day is very hot. Sun burn is a reality and must be remembered even though the temperatures are warm and pleasant.

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